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Jalon Valley Help

Always Ready To Help

Come rain or oppressive heat the members and volunteers at Jalon Valley Help are always ready to help those in need in our community. Many of us only know JVH through visiting their shops, in Jalon/Alcalali/Orba, or through attending one of their events, possibly their May Fayre in Jalon or Carols in The Square, in each of the three villages, in the build-up to Christmas. However, there is lots going on behind these scene.

The shops have to be stocked, from cards and books to the sale of donated clothes and furniture which have to be collected and prepared before being put on display in the shops.

Their drop-in centre, at the Animo in Alcalali, provides a place to go when you are alone, cancer care advice, afternoon tea and skills groups.

Medical equipment has to be acquired, set up in readiness for its loan to those in need when they return from hospital as they get older and delivered when called upon.

Funds have to be raised to purchase equipment, to make donations to other charities and causes, such as the Ukrainian refugees and the Men’s Hostel in Gandia. To do this JVH arrange events and have donation programmes, from collecting tins to regular donation plans.
Like an iceberg – there is much more going on beneath the surface, and whilst everything can be seen to be going smoothly, beneath the surface the swan’s legs are always moving!!

In the next several weeks I will be going behind the scene to see what is going on and importantly who is doing it. These articles I hope will allow everybody to recognise how important JVH is within the community, and from such recognition to encourage yous to volunteer your help or to make a regular, weekly/monthly/yearly, donations.
We look forward to seeing you in JVH shops, at the Animo Centre or attending an event as in that way you will be helping JVH support even more people who are in need in our community, which for JVH spreads well beyond the valleys of Jalon and Orba.

Article by Peter Sockett

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