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Jalon Valley Help

Double Bargains

On Thursday last week I happened to be walking passed the Jalon Valley Help Charity shop in Orba when my wife was drawn by the colourful ‘Summer Sale’ window display of bright and light summer clothes – and suddenly vanished inside the shop.

Dutifully, if a bit reluctantly, I followed. It was light and bright, with racks full of colourful clothes attractively arranged within the shop – I discovered on reading the notice board thanks to their manager and many volunteers. There were the usual displays of bric-a-brac and china etc before I spotted a wonderful display of cards – I always like to receive and send cards [must be my age!!] but often at the appropriate time it is difficult to find one in English, appropriate or funny. Not now JVH charity shops is the place to go.

I skirted passed the furniture on display and with my wife engrossed in the clothes racks, apparently I needed some new shorts for the garden!, I found the shelves of books, carefully arranged in alphabetical order to make my search easier. After a few minutes I found a Wilbur Smith book I hadn’t read – so the visit to the shop was worthwhile.

After I rejected a few pairs of shorts, too big too long too colourful, I was presented with a shirt – just right for me. As we made our way to the cashier we found a colourful summer dress for my wife. Then the biggest surprise of all, 50% discount on clothes, which were already at bargain prices.

Overall a pleasant few minutes with some treasures to take home at double bargain prices. So next time you are out shopping, or going for coffee, pop in you will be presently surprised and could find a bargain or two.

Article & Photos by Peter Sockett

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