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Jalon Valley Help

Generous Donation

Last week. as I prepared for another behind-the-secenes visit to the Jalon Valley Help charity, I came across and interesting event of generosity and cooperation between the community and the charity.

The JVH shop in Orba receives many donations of clothing, amongst other items, from the public, which are then sold to enable the charity us to raise money to help those in need in our community. To make some of the clothing look more presentable for resale, quite a lot of the items are re-ironed by our dedicated volunteers, before being displayed.

The volunteers at the Orba shop were desperately in need of a vertical steamer, which would not only speed up the ironing but also make the task less onerous. However, like any charity, funds are limited and are intended to be spent on good causes, within and for the community. So Jalon Valley Help recently approached Dani Picon, the owner of Euronics Cepa, a local electrical goods retailer and installer in Orba, to see whether he could help by the donation of a vertical steamer.

Thanks to the amazing generosity of Euronics Cepa, the volunteers in the Orba shop now have their fantastic new vertical steamer! This is enabling more clothing donations to get onto the sale rails more quickly and in the process ensuring our clothing stock is updated more often for our customers.

It is particularly satisfying that a local business is prepared to assist a local charity, like Jalon Valley Help, and in so doing enabling the charity to provide yet more help to anyone who is in need in our community. Our grateful thanks to Dani and his wife, Pepi Server for their very generous and most appreciated donation.

Article by Peter Sockett

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