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Jalon Valley Help

Equipment Loan

634 357 199

For those who have a medical need, Jalon Valley Help (JVH) can provide specialist medical equipment, everything from crutches, walking frames, wheelchairs, bath seats to electrical beds.
There are also a number of items of baby equipment available for short-term loan, including travel cots, pushchairs, car seats and booster seats.
The equipment is held in our Showroom in Xaló in Carrer L'Amassera (near the Post Office) and can be accessed by telephoning 634 357 199
No charge is made for the loan of equipment but we do ask for a refundable deposit, as shown below, and would be grateful for a donation to help us maintain the equipment and the service.
The equipment is made available to meet short term needs, usually 4-6 weeks, after which time the loan may be extended by request from the borrower. Please call 634 357 199 should such an extension prove necessary.


Loan Disclaimer

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that all loan items are in good working condition, we cannot take responsibility for any imperfections in items lent out nor for any damage or accidents to either equipment or persons that may occur whilst they are in use.

We ask you to ensure that:

  • You look after the equipment carefully and only use it for the purpose for which it was made.
  • Let us know immediately should there be a problem with the equipment. If possible JVH will replace the defective item.
  • You notify us as soon as the equipment is no longer required by telephoning 634 357 199. JVH will make arrangements with you for its return.
  • You return the equipment in a clean condition.

Medical Equipment

Hospital Bed€50
Inflatable Mattress and Pump€20
Bed Frames€10
Wheel Chairs€30
Walking Frames€15
Wheeled Walkers€20
Walking Sticks€10
Raised Toilet Seats€10
Toilet Frames€10
Shower Seats€10

Baby Equipment

Travel Cots€15
High Chairs€10
Push Chairs€10
Car Seats€10
Booster Seats€10